Created in 1979, Action contre la Faim (ACF) is an international non-governmental organization fighting hunger in the world. Its mission is to save lives by eliminating hunger through the prevention, detection and treatment of undernutrition, especially during and after emergencies related to conflict and natural disasters.

Action contre la Faim coordinates its programs around five areas of activity:

  • Nutrition, health, care practices
  • Food Security and Livelihoods
  • Water, sanitation and hygiene
  • Advocacy and Awareness

In 2014, Action Against Hunger helped more than 13 million people in 46 countries around the world.


The Action Against Hunger’s “Water-Sanitation-Hygiene” programs aim to prevent malnutrition and the development of water-related diseases, both in emergency situations and in rehabilitation phases. To this end, our teams promote access to water by conducting research and exploitation of groundwater (wells and boreholes), by constructing or rehabilitating water distribution networks from the sources, and by carrying out sanitation work (construction of latrines, evacuation of waste water). These interventions are accompanied by hygiene promotion sessions. In addition, long-term water management committees, composed of members of local communities, are created to ensure the management and maintenance of the facilities.


Our partnership:


We met Dr Jean LAPEGUE Senior Advisor WASH, Scientific and Technical Direction of ACF during the month of November in order to explain our project “WASH World Tour”. He was interested in a partnership based on two themes: external communication for missions and support WASH advocacy.

We met Natalia URIBE PANDO, Advisor Water Sanitation and Hygiene to establish a partnership on WASH advocacy. We will be participating in their “Butterfly Effect”, “Youth Delegation” and “Road to Brasilia” programs.

Here is her interview :


Our external communication for ACF missions:


We intend to cover the missions of Burma, Nepal, Mongolia, Madagascar and Djibouti, where ACF is present. Focusing our reports on the link between undernutrition and access to drinking water.

Indeed, it seems unthinkable that a health center in Djibouti or Madagascar does not have access to drinking water, since this non-distribution is an important risk factor for the development and transmission of other diseases.


Our advocacy actions WASH:


The Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is a coalition of international NGOs that advocates effective local solutions that have a lasting impact on water and sanitation. Their solutions are based on the principles of human rights and the experience of communities, and relate to policies, projects, information campaigns and stakeholder empowerment. Essentially, these solutions are local, sustainable, adaptable, innovative, equitable, responsible and person-oriented. ”


ACF is partner of this project, and we will meet with these actors in order to have a global vision of the local programs.


“Youth Delegation”

A team of young people between the ages of 18 and 30 will be deployed by ACF to its 4 bases to identify innovations and advances in the field of WASH. We will meet two of them: the first in Djibouti and the second in Madagascar to interview them and communicate on their projects.


“Road To Brasilia”

We are going to meet the local NGOs supported by ACF in South America from January to March 2018. This humanitarian journey will end with the World Water Forum which will take place from 18 to 23 March 2018 and we will cover it in the media.


Our work on the field :

In Népal :