Notre ciné-débat !!!

Our project !

Monday, May 30, 2016: Today is the big day, after more than a month of preparation, here we are! We turn off the lights and turn on the overhead projector for our first film debate.
In the eco-friendly youth hostel, our first awareness campaign was under the sign of a cine debate. We contacted Giulia BRUNO and Lida PERIN to project their documentary “Capital”. This short film was awarded the 1st prize “Sezione Ambiantale 2015,” the “Festival Visioni Italiane Bologna” and was in competition at the 33rd International Festival of Environmental Film in Paris.
So it was a great joy and we are very grateful for the enthusiasm of the young directors.
We relayed the invitation by the social networks of the association, and a publication on the website “« Que faire à Paris ».Twenty motivated people, full of ideas, joined us that night!
First, we presented our project and our various partners: Brotherhood of Men, HAMAP, Breeding Without Borders Development Initiative, AOSED Bangladesh. The NGO Frères des Hommes was present: Mathilde CRETIEN responsible for the community life of the NGO and Estephania volunteer at FDH responsible for media-covered event. You can also find his article here.

Projection !

Then the projection! This documentary of about thirty minutes puts several perspectives solidarity actors, political and economic issues of water in Berlin.
Giulia Bruno and Lida Perin documentary delivers a neutral point of view, leaving the viewer free to interpret and debate. What about the intervention of a “Water Sommelier” advocating the purchase of bottles as a luxury product? The sale of
“holy” bottled water when some can not have more than 10 liters of water a day? Is bottled water better than tap water? Is drinking water available to everyone?

Debate !

At the end of the projection, we started the discussion and debate around three themes:
– Drinking water access,
– The different perceptions of water
– Challenges for the South.

We discussed the different themes by feeding them some practical questions:
• “How many liters per day to live” (25 L / day)
• “How many liters of water do we consume in France? “(150 L / day)
• “How much is 1L of tap water in Paris?” (1 liter = € 0.00333)
• “Does How many public fountains providing potable water to Paris? “(262 vs. 18 in Berlin).

The richness of this outreach session held in the fact that there was no value judgment of the different opinions expressed, whether on modes of managements and use of water, as the values this property. The numerous testimonies of participants who came from the all around the world (Cameroon, Guinea, Tunisia, South of France ..), have enriched the debate considerably.

After 1:30 of cine-debate, the awareness session on access to drinking water in Europe and in countries called “South” was about to end, it was the time to enjoy one last beer or a glass of water to close this event!







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