Founded in 1965, « Frères Des Hommes » (FDH) is an NGO created to fight against poverty in Africa, Asia, America Latina and Caribbean.

They act in three areas:

  • Agro-Ecology: local agriculture to protect the earth and human beings;
  • Solidarity Economy: development of local economy and fair trade;
  • Democratic Citizenship: the right to all men and women to act within decision process of a country / city / village.

“Frère des Hommes” focuses on partnership with local associations. We will work with them regarding their actions in the area of Agro-Ecology.


FDH created a program called “Pépinière de la Solidarité Internationale” (Incubator of International Solidarity): it helps and gives resources to new solidarity projects implemented by motivated people. In February 2016, we decided to create a partnership with this program. Every two weeks we meet our personal advisor to strengthen our project.

This program is a real opportunity to meet experts in international solidarity actions. Trainings are also organized. On the 10th of April 2016, we went to conference regarding agro-ecology in Brazil through the movement called “Mouvement des Sans Terre” (Without property movement).

FDH is working in Haiti and we will meet their local partner called “Mouvement Paysan Papaye” (Papaya Peasant movement – MPP). Together with our mentor from FDH and with the MPP, we are thinking to the best approach for them.  For now, the main goal would be to develop future international solidarity advocacy for their program “water is life”.

You can find more information about FDH and the Incubator here :