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G-Cubes is a project to raise awareness about ocean pollution through art. Created by a Swiss artist, ….., the sailboat “O’Deline” will go around the world of the islands affected by the rejection of plastic waste on the beaches. This waste will be harvested and transformed into resin cubes. Many schools are part of the project! The goal is to make 1000 and build a giant cube in Marseille! The exhibition is intended to be itinerant.
More information on the project: www.g-cubes.com

We met “G-Cubes” in the Canary Islands, when we were looking for a boat to cross the Atlantic.

Why cross the Atlantic? For several reasons:
– First of all, after traveling by bus and plane, we wish to make this great distance with an ecological means of transport.
– Our trip is on the theme of water, we find it interesting to film such a trip, focusing on oceans and plastic.
– We had never done sailing before, but like any self-respecting adventurer, the challenge motivates us !!

After two weeks of searching, we have finally found the boat !!! This is the G-cubes boat. We will make them a video !! 🙂

RDV early December in St. Lucia !! and until then, GOOD WIND!


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