Created in 1994, the NGO “Initiative développement” (ID) wants to promote an access to basic needs to the population in developing countries, and to fight against inequality and exclusion.

ID wants to reinforce their local partners, and help to the creation of local associations and companies. ID tends to always adjust their program to the local context through innovation, in order to improve living conditions in the countries they take action.

ID acts in 7 areas:

  • Agriculture
  • Education
  • Health
  • Water and Sanitation
  • AIDS
  • Sustainable energy

Currently, ID is leading 20 programs in 8 countries.

We contacted ID through the list of partners of “Coopération Sud”. We talked to the Head of WASH Department ( Water Sanitation and Hygiene) to decide in which country our action would be the most appropriate.

Finally, we decided together to go to their new project in Comores. Currently, we are in touch with the technical referent who arrived in Anjouan two months ago.

You can find more information about ID here :