The “Water around the World” Association is committed to the following values:

    • No discrimination

We pledge to refuse to take part in any activities with reporting discrimination. We are committed to promoting a cultural, religious, philosophical, social and sexual diversity. We refuse to cooperate with all persons and organizations that go against this principle.

    • Freedom of Speech

We will give the opportunity to all people met to express themselves freely. We will also respect those who do not wish to testify.

    • Neutrality

Our approach is journalistic: we will treat projects without taking a position and without bias. We leave to the public the freedom to make its own opinion.

    • Respect for human dignity

Human Beings will never be filmed in a degrading manner, humiliating and against his will, with respect for dignity and privacy.

    • Transparency

We are committed to communicate the various resources that may be allocated to us.

    • Ethics

We are committed to cooperate with associations and NGOs with the same ethical values as us. Therefore we reject any links with organizations that may be involved in illegal practices or values in contradiction to this charter.

    • Respect for the environment

We pledge to adopt a responsible and respectful attitude to the environment in all our actions and activities.