Many of you asks us: How can we fund such a project? Who is funding such an adventure?

The answer is simple: ourselves!

We have applied for grants from the municipality of Paris and foundations, but we have not had a positive answer. Their reason was often the same: communication is not a priority, and we are not legitimate because neither directors nor hydraulic specialist. We find it a pity that we are placed in a shackle determined by our studies! We do not seek to claim “experts”, but we think to carry out a journalistic work that allows to make known local projects and initiatives.

We did not want this to be a brake on our project and as a result we saved month after month for 3 years during our years in Paris. Pauline was Human Resources Manager at the Institut Pierre et Marie Curie and Clément was Human Resources Officer at Action contre la Faim.

In spite of this disappointment in the absence of subsidies, the desire to help the population and to meet local development initiatives motivated us to raise enough money to complete our project for 18 months.

We would like to thank our partner associations we met, who have all helped us in their own way despite their limited means: provided us with a vehicle, a translator, accommodation and / or food costs.

We are always looking for people, social enterprises or foundations who would be interested in supporting us and subsidizing us! Do not hesitate to talk about it!