WaW is back on school benches!

We have established a partnership with two classes of “Hoche High School” in Versailles (France). Our collaboration will revolve around two moments:

  • Awareness session on 8th and 10th December 2016 with two classes during their second course of History / Geography. Possible partnership with the cooperation and enthusiasm of M.DAUM, geography professor in high school Hoche. We will organize our presentation like this:
    • Project presentation of our Sustainable World Trip.
    • Projecting an educational film articulated by Questions / Answers about the water cycle. We made the video by ourselves.
    • Educating students about their daily water use.
    • Study of the influences and impacts of the Senegal River.
    • Specific case of Indian water stress.


  • Knowledge sharing and video during the first six months of 2017 thanks to live video conferences from across the world with the student.

We are looking forward to starting this collaboration.


Please find here our new page regarding the feedback of his wonderful day ! Click here