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Sabaidii ( Hello in Laotian language)




SAE LAO Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to local community development. Volunteers from all around the world work here with Lao people (mainly from the Lao Loum and Hmong ethnic groups) and together they build a sustainable and friendly community with 3 main action domains: education, employment and environment. SAE LAO Project was founded 8 years ago. It is a stable and recognized organization which attracted more than 1,100 volunteers from over 50 countries. Based in Nathong Village, 7 km from Vang Vieng and 300 m from the Blue Lagoon, SAE LAO Project is surrounded by beautiful landscapes of mountains, rice fields and lagoons, where each volunteer enjoys contributing to the development of the local population, and also to their own development.





SAE LAO Video:   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jqbmm832s3Y


As mentioned before, SAE LAO Project has 3 main action domains:


  1. Education & Health



Education is the main focus of SAE LAO Project. In September 2016, 370 children aged between 7 and 25 years have registered at SAE LAO School, where they receive English and IT lessons. In addition, adult classes take place in economically fragile nearby villages. The NGO has its own library with over 500 English school books mainly obtained from donations.

SAE LAO Project has its own Scholarship Program and supports financially per year 4 to 5 new students accessing university or college. SAE LAO Scholarship Program includes assistance during the application process for the universities, visits of the institutions and continues with financial help for the food, accommodation, registration fee and school material.

Health is also an important aspect of the educational activities of SAE LAO Project. The association invites the community members to various health workshops: oral hygiene (the relatively recent appearance of “sweets” (candies) in Lao PDR makes the topic ‘oral hygiene’ very important to children, since their parents, who have relatively good teeth, are not necessarily aware of the link between sugar and cavities.), body and food hygiene health. In addition, workshops dedicated to sexual education and sexual health are organized for teenagers and adults to raise awareness on the dangers of unsafe sex, AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, and to discuss family planning options.


  1. Employment

The action of SAE LAO Project for employment has 3 main dimensions: a- employment on the Project site of Lao persons under a fair work contract. The Association currently employs 11 Lao persons in charge of the organic restaurant, the gardens and the fields, construction and site maintenance and teaching, b- training of the employees who wish to gain new skills or improve their existing abilities and 3- initiation of community projects to help local groups generate new sources of revenue, like through the “Soap Project” which teaches the community how to make and sell natural, eco-friendly soap.





  1. Environment

SAE LAO Project is constantly working towards becoming on site a more environmentally sustainable and self-sufficient organisation, modelling closed loop systems. In doing so, the organization is able to present a thriving example to the public and promote themselves as an education farm for sustainable practices.

The SAE LAO Farm currently raises chickens, ducks, pigs and fish and grows organic vegetables, peanuts and rice which supplement its farm-to-table restaurant. The Project operates a biogas system to utilize human and animal waste for energy. The methane is extracted for cooking gas, and the rest becomes rich fertilizer for the gardens. Rain water is used for drinking and grey water is filtered before re-entering the local water source.





In 2015, SAE LAO Project received the ENERGY GLOBE NATIONAL AWARD for LAO People’s Democratic Republic.


Website :   www.saelaoproject.com

Facebook : SAE LAO Family

Email : team@saelaoproject.com


Our collaboration

We will actively support the promotion of SAE LAO Project by making video reports and photos of their projects, in order for SAE LAO to get more online visibility. The promotion material we will generate will also be used by the association to apply to grants to finance their programs.