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Hello everyone !!

We had the chance to film the installation of a public service of drinking water distribution in the commune of Ouani by a private operator, pilot project in Comoros! This project was implemented by Initiative Développement.

We made a sensitization film for the population.

Indeed, although a distribution network currently exists, it is not drinkable and the supply of the tanks is random. Today, there is only one paid drinking water distribution network in Sima on the island of Anjouan, but the management is community-based. The establishment of a farm by a private operator is therefore a first. Thus, we have a need to explain to the population the role of the different actors of this project for a better understanding of the need to pay for a water service.

The report carried out lasts about fifteen minutes, we interviewed about twenty people in the local language of the island: The mayor of the commune of Ouani, the Union of Water Committees of Anjouan, a representative of the Diaspora Comorians in France, the beneficiaries and the program manager, Grégoire Duband.

This report should be broadcasted in the 4 localities of Ouani commune.

Here are our thoughts on this topic:

Clément: “I was surprised at the size and scope of the project and the number of actors involved. Of the 9 previous reports, the one of ID is one of the most ambitious and innovative in this country. Congratulations to the whole team! “.

Pauline: “Access to clean water is a major challenge of our time. I was surprised that part of the population was reluctant to this project. But in going to meet the inhabitants, I realized that it can be difficult to agree to pay water: water is a “common good”, it should belong to everyone. The challenge was to show that we did not pay water, but a water service, that is to say, drinking water, distributed to homes, available 24h / 24h, 7 days / 7, which is not currently the case. ”

Here is the video:


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