Yuva Mitra was started in 1995 by a youth group in Sinner (India) who wanted to contribute to the process of social change. Group wanted to initiate constructive activities based on the principles of people centered development. Various programs have been initiated over these years with community participation.

Yuva Mitra believes in the people-centered approach of development where people are empowered to become agents of social change. They have strived to work with people on issues that concern them and have implemented pro-people programs. Various activities are carried out by keeping village at their focus.

Various projects are carried out with Women, Farmers and Youth to improve their socio economic status. Projects with children are basically to help them develop their understanding and confidence level and to create learning spaces to enhance their life skills.


Our Collaboration

YuvaMitra have some programs like “Integrated Water Shed Management Program” and “Expension of Diversion based on Irrigation System”. We are going on the field at the end of January to film their program.

They currently have some news programs in water resource management, we are very happy to be invited in their organization and explore working together.


The result of our visit

After one week spent together with Yuva Mitra, here is the two videos that illustrate their projects:


DBI System

DP System